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Thursday, September 24
2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: The State and Local Jobs Crisis - Use Your Data Now

Breakout Room 3


Session Recording

The current COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting employment crisis have made it clear: state and local data are key to understanding and responding to local social and economic challenges. While state data systems end at state borders, there is massive potential to develop the cross-state infrastructure needed to collect, mine, and use administrative data; share evidence-based practices, and establish common measures and research tools. In the past five years, a coalition of states has built such an infrastructure. This session will show how the Midwest Collaborative is sharing data and products to understand their local economies and labor markets and develop insights for reemployment and recovery, as well as how other states can emulate their efforts. 


Daryl Bassett, Secretary, Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing


George Putnam, Labor Market Information Director, Illinois Department of Employment Security

Diana Barrett, Assistant Director of Research and Analysis, Indiana Department of Workforce Development