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Thursday, September 24
2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: Combating Fraud in the Unemployment Insurance System: UI Integrity

Breakout Room 4


Session Recording

The UI system has been severely challenged in 2020 in which it has been subject to radical, unprecedented, increases in the volume of UI claimants applying for benefits, standing up a number of new programs with widely varying requirements, while all under increased public awareness and pressure to pay benefits to those who are eligible.  During these extraordinary times, the attacks by individual and organized criminals have been unrelenting and extremely widespread.  In this workshop, you will hear about specific challenges states are facing, including widespread ID theft, simultaneous attacks in multiple states, and bot attacks and how states are using existing tools and leveraging new ones to combat these challenges. Finally, one state will demonstrate how it has brought together a variety of tools and analytics to effectively address these unprecedented challenges.


Randy Gillespie, Integrity Center Director, NASWA


Maria Noble, UI Integrity Subject Matter Expert, Integrity Center, NASWA

Jim Cotter, Project Manager, Integrity Center, NASWA

Larry Ingram, Operations Manager, Idaho Department of Labor

Mark Richmond, Technical Services Specialist, Idaho Department of Labor