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Wednesday, September 11
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Prisoner Reentry Reform

Avenue 34 – Studio 1 (Lower Lobby)


Inmates face an uphill battle upon release from prison, but state efforts to assist former prisoners into the workforce have evolved in recent years and the success stories are inspiring. The onus is moving from post-incarceration programs and services to pre-release programs. Allowing inmates to understand and prepare for career opportunities can greatly impact success. We'll hear from two states testing new approaches to help justice-involved individuals return to the labor force. An Urban Institute researcher who is spearheading a major new initiative will join the discussion to provide a national perspective. Please bring your questions and lessons learned to the discussion and be ready to engage!

Moderator: Richard McPherson, Executive Director, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Chair, NASWA Employment and Training Committee, and NASWA Board Director, Region VI
Janeen Buck, Senior Research Fellow, Urban Institute
Mardy Leathers, Director, Division of Workforce Development, Missouri Department of Economic Development
Yvonne Wright, Senior Manager, Partnerships and Policy, Division of Workforce Development, Missouri Department of Economic Development
Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Chief Executive Officer, Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio (Franklin County)
John Weber, Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services