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The Workforce IT Support Center (Workforce ITSC) supports workforce system program partners as they work collaboratively to implement modern, cost-effective, customer-centered, program-led strategies and solutions in the digital age. 

What we do

Workforce ITSC provides a suite of easy-to-use online tools, in-demand learning opportunities, and advisory services that increase the awareness and capabilities of system stakeholders for leveraging the tools of the digital age to support the administrative and operational components of the workforce system.

Why we do it

Today, the network of workforce development and supportive services available to help customers is complex, fragmented, and difficult to navigate. Access and outcomes vary while the demand for these services is at an all-time high. Organizations and professionals across the country need help to enhance their capacity for designing and managing a more tech-and staff-enabled workforce system that delivers value to customers and communities in the digital age. Workforce ITSC is well-positioned at intersections of workforce system programs and data and technology communities to offer this support.

Strategic Objectives


Support workforce ecosystem’s transformation in the digital age

WITSC Strategic Objectives: Build capacity in states to optimize the use of data in improved service delivery for system customers

Build capacity in states to optimize
the use of data in improved service
delivery for system customers


Optimize states’ capacity to flexibly build talent pipelines to meet the
needs of a dynamic labor market

Who we are

Workforce ITSC staff are career professionals excited about the opportunities data, technology, and digital age practices provide for workforce development organizations and workforce system customers.

Workforce ITSC Steering Committee

Workforce ITSC is a federally funded initiative administered by NASWA. Governance and oversight are provided by a steering committee comprised of federal and state partners representing vocational rehabilitation, human services, education, and workforce development programs.

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Workforce ITSC Staff

Amy Hiltunen

Felicia Gibbs

Michelle Hein

Hillary Hewko

Carrie Schneider

Jeni Spaulding

Liam Sullivan

Zoe Vaughan


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