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The Workforce Academy was created to expand capacity and adaptability in and around workforce and education systems.  The Academy’s learning products and services reflect the knowledge and experience of ecosystem stakeholders, as well as digital government and technology industry experts. Planners and doers, decision-makers and implementers, ecosystem professionals and partners – all will find resources to inform and advance their work.

America needs a system built for the twenty-first century, one that can anticipate rapid change and adapt its behavior to produce better outcomes for citizens. Every day new needs, data, practices, and technologies present opportunities for these systems to learn and apply new ways of working to meet customer demands and excel at satisfying their charge. To do this, workforce system organizations and professionals must transform from the inside out. It is difficult to know where and how to begin. But what is clear - the time for change is now - and the Workforce Academy can help. 

Find out more about our courses designed for busy workforce development professionals. Learning opportunities are available on-demand and through scheduled live learning events.

About the Workforce Academy Team

Masterclass Series: Accelerating Workforce Digital Transformation

Join past Masterclass instructors and workforce educators and innovators Rick Maher and David Eaves as they guide attendees forward utilizing the Workforce ITSC framework. This interactive series will guide state teams forward, utilizing the Workforce ITSC Framework for digital transformation in workforce development. State teams will learn how to create a vision for digital transformation, define their current state and problems to be addressed, assemble the right team, and produce a specific action plan in their digital transformation journey.

All NASWA Member states are encouraged to apply. NASWA Member Agency representation is mandatory, along with a commitment to exploring, designing, implementing, or scaling digital transformation strategies.

About the Masterclass Series


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