About the Academy Team

Headshot of Amber Gaither

The Workforce Academy team, led by NASWA Project Manager Amber Gaither, is a growing enterprise of executive-level workforce development consultants and data and technology experts with over 100 cumulative years of experience in both public and private sectors. Connect with us at witsc@naswa.org.

This team engages current public workforce system professionals from vocational rehabilitation, human services, adult/higher/career and technical education, economic and workforce development organizations to contextualize learning content for real-world application. The Workforce Academy partners with our in-house NASWA Learning team to ensure learning products and services are designed and delivered using cutting-edge adult learning methods and practices.

State Contributors Across the Public Workforce-Education Ecosystem

Academy learning products and services are designed for states, with states. Members from the public ecosystem work with the Academy team to help build interactive online training, measure the effectiveness and impact of training, learn what improvements are needed, and iterate or scale learning opportunities throughout the country and across the ecosystem.

Currently, state contributors participate as steering committee members to oversee the administration of Workforce ITSC, advisory workgroup members to identify capacity-building targets and co-create content, and as user group members to test and scale learning and its impact.


WITSC State Collaborators Map


Additional Contributors and Sources

The network of Academy contributors includes national and international workforce-education ecosystem partners, member associations, public data and technology advisors, practitioners, collaboratives, public-sector training providers, academic institutions, research communities, government academies, consultancy groups, etc.

WITSC State Collaborators Graph - Percentages