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How to Get Involved

All state agencies are welcome to join and benefit from and contribute to the ecosystem. The MSDC offers varying levels of membership that involve different levels of commitment and benefits. Becoming an exploratory member, for example, enables your agency to help identify shared state priorities and join a learning and innovation community, even if not ready to participate directly in data projects or products.

States engage in MSDC through multiple avenues. Common engagement occurs through:

  • Advanced data analytics training courses via the Coleridge Initiative
  • Engagement with agencies in your state already participating in one or more regional collaboratives
  • Direct outreach from ethe MSDC (about upcoming meetings or opportunities)
  • NASWA Workforce & Labor Market Information and/or NASWA Employment & Training Committee meetings
  • State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) Data meetings

There are other ways to get involved and we look forward to supporting you.

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State agency leaders across the country are driving the emergence and sustainability of the MSDC. This work is being supported by NASWA, the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO), the Coleridge Initiative, and other partners and funders. This webpage is a joint partner effort, led by state agency leaders, to provide public information about the MSDC, including their activities and products.