Masterclass Series: Transformation in the Digital Age

Participate in the Masterclass Series to help lead your organization through a changing and increasingly digital world. The series is designed for workforce and education leaders and those responsible for delivering new and better customer services.

Get INSPIRED: through Voices of the System

Hear system stakeholders share insights about the vision for digital transformation.

WATCH: NASWA President & CEO Scott B. Sanders


Get PREPARED: by completing a Quick Start Action Tool (QSAT)

Discover how you can start or continue your digital transformation journey.

Take Stock

To move strategically, use the QSAT to identify where you are and where you want to go as an organization and as a system.

  • The QSAT provides insights on where your organization stands along the digital transformation framework: Urgency, Vision, Discovery, Design and Value Delivery.

Create a Roadmap

Once you have completed the QSAT, you will receive a summary report of the results.

  • Review the results to identify strengths, gaps, leverage points, recommended resources.

Quick Start Action Tool Digital Transformation Roadmap


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Urgency, Vision, Discovery, Design, Value Delivery

Digital Transformation Framework


Get ENGAGED: with Live Learning Events

Meet virtually with world-class instructors and peers to build your capacity for transformation in the digital age.

More Learning Resources

Browse valuable resources as you create and navigate the digital transformation road ahead